Friday, November 10, 2006

Someone left this it all in my mind?

It was clearly meant to be warm, written with no malice. Only good intentions, and maybe a little of puzzlement/irritation about what all the fuss about fogs and all. Millions of people are dying of AIDS and cancer everyday, isn't it? Good intentions, and hope that it would help me with my fogs.

But it is chilling, isn't it? What well-intentioned people say to us-fibromites?

The misconception is "It is all in your mind- Therefore, you are like this". Worse till, this person seemed to congratulate me for getting my "wish".

I do attempt to "correct it". My response?

Yes, it is all in my mind!! That is why I am alive and kicking (flailing, and frozen sometimes), managed to keep sane, and lead a relatively "normal" life!

The comment was left as a response of my entry about FIBROFOGs (Fibromyalgia's Fibrofogs: How does one cope with it?) Please see the original post for my reply to the comments.

The comment:

"I appreciate your condition! However conditions are subject to change depending on how you have styled your life!

I grew up in a neighborhood wherein there lived a lady with many children, a husband and few, if any organic illnesses!

By the time her youngest child had left the nest she was totally disabled with fatigue and claims of illness that doctors just could not find within her!

When her children or a friend came to her with a problem or an illness, she always found a way to outbid the problem or illness of the child of friend!

Alas, she became what she thought
and what she thought was more important than what she did! She was so consumed that she could only see what was most important to her!

She proclaimed that her death was imminent from the time she was sixty [60] and forward!

She lived to be ninety two [92], outliving her husband who did have illnesses, but never proclaimed them!

Part of being is what you think!

When did you last visit a cemetery, a youth organization and volunteer to help, offer to help meals-on-wheels or any number of organizations and venues where your 'ailments' would be but imaginary vis-a-vis those of the ones you serve!

The fog is yours because you wish it so!

Ride to the sunlight and your fog will disappear!

See the world without you in it, and you will see the beauty of the interactions you may style in the world!

8:06 PM, September 21, 2006 "