Saturday, June 28, 2008

I am amazing

Yes I am. I am amazing. I have to remember that. This had been such a hectic week at work.

I pulled myself out of bed every morning, and took the pain on my swollen feet with a grimace. It really helped. It really helped that the workplace allow people to start work as late as 10 am.

I timed myself to get on a train which is empty and got myself a seat - to rest my feet before torturing it during the short walk. And as usual, God loved to have fun with me. So, he gave us a fire drill. I had to walk up and down 5 floors worth of stairs, trying to keep pace with my colleagues. Trying not to limp.

I typed until my fingers were so painful, that my words began to look jumbled up because the fingers were so tired, and and fatigued to respond properly.

And yes... i made mistakes. I was so tired that I made mistake. A colleague noticed it and not too pleased and made some comments which really hurt me. I almost felt that I lost this battle However, I could put myself in his shoe and think that is a fair comment. He did not know I had RA. He did not know how unwell I had been.

So, I deserve this post... to remind myself. I put in a lot just to do the usual normal things that adults do, and to let others know. It takes a lot for someone with RA to live normally, but we can live a life as full as we could if given just some small allowances to make adjustments.

Thank God it is friday, and I can now have a good rest to fight on next week.

Still swollen..........

and painful.

Reward? Any rewards for this?

Yes, an excuse to buy shoes. No one would have the hear to tell a women with swollen legs, and feet of changing sizes she had too many pairs of shoes.

It is summer, it is the sales, so pluck up all your energy and get something!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

14 days since the DIP started to swell..

It had been 14 days since my DIP on my ring finger started to swell. I remember really "noticing" it on Thursday, 5th June, when it became painful at work.I was probably there since Wednesday. As usual, before any "symptoms" started, I was drinking like a parched camel finding an Oasis. When I weight myself that day, I noticed I "put" on 2.5 kg in 2 days. Clothes seemed tighter, and shoes - i need to get my "big" shoes. (I keep shoes of a few sizes. Yes, RA is a perfect excuse to buy shoes).

It was a pain. I ran out of diclofenac. My rheumatologist refused to prescribe me new ones- she said "I did not need them"- that was what the nurse told me. Well, she is the doctor, therefore she was always right. My standby supply of ibuprofen ran out on Sat and I had to go and get it from teh supermarket!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Living with Arthritis

I was pleasantly suprised by the booklets published by Arthritis Care, UK.

Check it out :)

Added a "subscribe" button

I have added a button for Google feed, so that any publishing from this site could appear on your Google page. I know a couple of you do pop by regularly. Thanks for your support.

I must apologise that I do not write as often as I wish. There is a great deal of energy preservation going on :) Hopefully, the button is useful.