Thursday, September 04, 2008


This will be my first real travel in 6 years and my second attempt to back pack after my rheumatoid arthritis started. This would be the first trip since my fibromyalgia began.

I look forward to the trip with both excitement and worry. Excited, because I will be back packing with my sister, and yet at the same time, I worry about a relapse. Without hubby around, there will be no one to help me carry my bags!

A lot of planning had been put in, so that I alternate hectic and "train" times. Hopefully, those train rides would provide a rest day.

Since a few days ago, my palms have also swollen up and this made work really difficult. Typing and using the mouse had been really uncomfortable and sore. The sad news is I seemed to have put back all the weight I lost in the past month or so. I had been having hunger attacks with will popping those NSAID pills like candies. I hope everything turn up right for the trip

Stiff fingers

My MCP and PIP of my right hand ( and now my left too!) were swollen painful and stiff as soon as hubby went away for a few days for a meeting.

I have left home without a warm breakfast these two chilling mornings. Soaking in hot water seems to help, but I am no where good enough to handle a kettle.

Soldier on. To my colleagues, I am normal. Thank goodness I have always made it a point to be slightly ahead in my work and now I hope no one notices I have to slack a bit these two days.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

If the patients say it is good....

.. it is good!?

It is interesting how the BMJ article on Alexander technique generated so much discussions both on the internet from medical communities and at work.

There are the people who call it another crappy research, and another demanding that it needs to be proven scientifically. Does the current science knowledge base knows everything there is to know? Can't people have a little humility and accept they may not know all yet?

While this study is not perfect and not the final proof that Alexander technique may be beneficial for patients with back pain, it is a small step forward. I find it really a case of double standard when criticisms such as lack of double blinding came into play. How many surgical procedure studies have been conducted as double blinded studies? It is not a case of being lax with evidence based standards of complementary medicine, it is a case of comparing the evidence standards for interventions of different nature and make a sensible judgment out of it.

Declaration of interest: A rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia patient who had benefited from Alexander technique.