Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fever, aches, the full works just because of a sore throat

Just a simple viral infection like a sore thorat got to me.

I ended up with swollen joints last night, have fever, and ached all over.

Thankfully I bought a massager, and that managed to relieved some of the aches.

I was semi-awake till 4 am in the morning, reverting between half awake states, going to the loo, and drinking water. I must have sweated a pool of water.

Temperature registered? 37.0.

Well that is nota fever you may say, unless you take into account that usually I am just 36.3 to 36.5C! That is a bit low, isnt it?

People may think that I am over reeacting with these minor ailments.

Yes, a sore throat used to mean nothing to me. Now it does. It affects me, with all those pains and fatigue that follows.

How do I explain to others?

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