Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another short gym session Plus massage

I did only about 20 minutes worth of gym.

Couldn't finish the 10 minutes stationary bike. after 5-6 minutes, could see my knees hurt. I can tell you that I am scared of triggering another "full blown" flare. I cannot afford it.
So, I tried to rotate the joints used. I dont think the "trainer" understood what i meant, or he had his own ideas. I dont think i could do what he recommended- it used the same joints, although different muscles. My joints hurt.

So, this is my plan...
Bike: knee, some hips + ankle
Chest press -shoulder, elbow plus some wrist
Abdominal crunch machine - i dont feel any joints screaming! This is becoming my fav. Washboard abs soon???
..... and i tried to ensure i rotate ...

I think it seems to work better this time. Joints are sore, and extremely tired. Could only wake up at 11 am. I was suprised to see a number of missed calls on my mobile. Surely as sign of how fatigued I was. Howevr, this was better than my last gym attempt, no where as sore as before. Perhaps this is a good strategy for my gym? Instead of just focusing on muscles worked-which my trainer is doing, i also need to look at the joints used, and angle used?

Sigh, everyone is telling me to exercise, and make it sound so easy. I was totally pissed off when a "friend"asked me if I knew I should warm up, and I know how to do warm up or not. If I warm up probably, I would not have a problem. It is may be just my lazy excuse.

What makes her think she has the right to be so condescending? She has no idea how fit I was, and how much exercise I did before RA and fibro hit me, and have been saying things which sound like I got all these health problems because I do not exercise. She has been annoying me for sometime-so I had no hesitation telling her off. Tribe cleansing, you may call it.


excentric said...

Way to go! Things like this annoy me, too. I used to have a strenuous job, and go to the gym, and walk, and do all sorts of physical activities. Then I got sick. Now I am out of shape and can do very little physically. But I got sick FIRST. Why don't people get that? The illness caused the physical decline, not the other way around. You've got me wondering if I could actually try some exercise, more than just using my ellipse/stationary bike combo every thousand years or so. Yes, I bought it when I was well. *smile*

Woman said...

Hi Excentric,

Give it a try! Just a little bit. And try it on those day you can afford to rest the next day. From my experience, exercise makes me really really tired, fatigued and sore for days. Worse still, it is one of those things which trigger a full blown RA flare! So I got to choose when to do it. This can b every discouraging, but just got to hang on, and do bit by bit.

Yeah, these people dun get it. It is the illness first! The ILLNESS forced us out of action. Otherwise, I would be a trim and fit person. Sometimes I think these "healthy" people are no where as fit as I was when I was healthy. If they were sick, they might be much worse off than me. Bad- but sometimes I just got this evil streak in me hahah..