Sunday, April 09, 2006

I found a good Fibromyalgia book! (Finally)

I have been doing quite a number of readings since a year ago, when fibromyalgia is not just a myth, but a reality. I have borrowed so many books from the libraries. At first, almost anybook with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia written on in would be brought home, nevermind how "predatory" the title sounds.

Many of these books are so "predatory", that I gave up picking up any book related to FMS after a while, prefering to turn into WWW instead. If I dislike what I read, I just need to click a button.

I call them "predatory";on the pretext of "informing", and helping us, lots of advice and rules are spouted out. I cannot imagine why so much rubbish could be shoved down our throat. I stopped reading. ENERGY IS A RARE AND PRECIOUS thing for us, not to be wasted on people who write to earn out of our misery!

It is through the internet, I found out about Devin J. Starlanyl's works. There is a website; which provides the information-FREE, although you got to need the book if you want to find out more. She wrote an excellent book called Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome: A Survival Manual. When I read this, I was like " yes, this is me", "yes, she is correct", "oh, I should have checked this out". Because of her, I am moving in a new direction, and looking into chronic myofascial pain.

I must say, I had printed those information out and chucked it aside for a long long while. I did not expect much to gain from it. It was one of those terrible nights, a week ago, when I was wide awake in pain that I read the print out from the web again.

What is the impact so far??

There is lots to do, and lots to explore. I definitely need to get CMP vs FMS sorted out! The prognosis, or future which holds for me would be soooo different! However, I can only have baby steps now.. (cos my energy is so low!!!)

The first step I do now is stretch , stretch and stretch! And I think it helps!!! It helps tremendously. I stretch the first thing I wake up, and before I sleep, on top of those little stretches here and there. The "wetsuit" feeling and pains has lessened, that is for sure.

There is lots more for me to learn about her points.I got to read and reread those stuff a few more times! Her book is a worthy investment.


Anonymous said...

Try Mark Pellegrino's books too...he's another patient expert. I found him easier going than Devin (but that might have just been the lighter book with larger type!).

Woman said...

Thanks! I will check out the book.

Easy going is good for foggy days!