Sunday, September 16, 2007


numb, numb.
That is how I feel?
No pain, no tears, no sleep, no smiles...
No wish, no hope.
Only silence, some resigned sighs..
Resigned to a thing called fate, or destiny?
Is this good enough?
Is it unacceptable?
Do I deserve something better?
Am I not worthy at all?
Do I live with it?
Can I walk out of it?
Am I hoping for too much?
Do I deserve something

Because the body is broken, so must the soul?
I have a "lesser " body,
SO must I have less of everything too?
Love, respect, dignity?



excentric said...

I don't know you, and I only discovered your blog a short time before your last post, but I am a bit concerned. Are you okay? I only have fibro, not the other illnesses you have, but I know how hard just the one can be. I hope you have not been beaten down by illness, and are just taking a break to recover from the depression. Best wishes. excentric

Woman said...

Have not had a chance to see my own blog for months, and only read it again when I took a bad hit recently.

Thanks so much for your concern, it was an immediate antidote to my unhappiness, and restored my confidence in others.

Looking back, the post sounded really depressing. Written on a day I had problems at home, more bad news of my health and some work people made use of my health conditions to find faults. However, I quickly recovered from it.

Fibromites are usually incredibly strong people, and I hope that your fibro gets better soon. There is light at the end of tunnel.

excentric said...

You are quite welcome. Being ill is hard, and I am glad if I brightened your day even a little. Wishing you health for the new year.