Monday, November 14, 2005

who on earth started statistics?

Who on earth started statistics? Statistics in the subjects that most students are confused about in their secondary/junior high schools and still confused when they go into the universities. The only students that will tell me statistics are simple belong to two groups:
  1. the real gurus... yes.. the usually bespectacled guy with a nerdy look

  2. the idiots. Sorry, this is indeed derogatory. I apologise. I think I am still seething with frusfurations. Please do not sue me, I do not have the money to pay you.
I really have full respect for the first type, but unfortunately they do not help me much. No.. no.. it is not that they are not helpful (they usually are!!) but there is something call a difference in wavelength. I usually cannot follow their rapid train of thoughts and they usually cannot understand why I cannot understand something so simple. But still, I try to remember every word that dropped out of the mouth of these gurus, and hope that enlightenment would come to me while I am..... eerrr.... blogging?
The second type always have me wishing that I am gifted with better EQ. I need to tell them in a diplomatic way '' Hey, thanks for offer to help and I admire your confidence, or rather OVER confidence. But you know... you know nothing, that is why you are not confused!''.
Yes, this is the group that try to tell me that it is bloody simple and why test A is a clear cut solution to the problem. It is usually very simple for them, as they are still figuring out what is parametric and non-parametric data and their only understanding of a ''normal spread'' is the usual way of spreading their butter and kaya on their toast, without any extras.
If you belong to the first group, start learning to teach statistics! You will cause a drop in hair care products for balding and grey hair, and at the same time earn tonnes of money. People like me will give up my bugdet for movies, coffee beans and even shoes (yes shoes..... that is a great sacrifice for ladies!) just to have 15 minutes of you time. Why are you still reading my blog? Shoo... start thinking about how to publish your first e-book or online consultancy firm. An if you do become famous and rich... do come back and tell me I told you this great idea and offer me a free consultancy. I might be still stuck with the same problem- ''my KMO is 0.515! Can I still do something to make my data workable for PCA? ''

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