Monday, November 14, 2005

Why blogging and not your trusty spiral notebook.

Why blogging and not your trusty spiral notebook, or even your word documents for that matter?

1) Someone is reading it-you better do not over do your crappy writing.
2) Commenting is easier for your supervisors and committees. They can comment on it, and yet not "mark it" or "revise it". Imagine your supervisor spending a few minutes day to "glance" through your entry at his or her leisure and putting a 3 worded comment like "Great, carry on" , "You are lost!" "Crap, see me!" This way, you get your paper and ideas checked every single entry!
3)DATES!!! Blogs display your date and time of entry prominently. So, if you have been slacking, eg no posts for a week, the whole world that you were willing to let in knew. There will be pressure, when concerned people ask you what is happening. On the other hand if you you have been posting at 3 am every morning, someone would remind you that PhD is a marathon, not short bursts of 3 am sprints.
4) Generate interest in your research? With so many corporate bloggers around, who know researcher-bloggers might be the next hip thing! If you have published in your blog, it has been "published". Who knows, you might attract some people who might be interested in your research and can ofer youth eall important first job after your phD.
5) Give you the confidence! How many PhD students held on tightly to their papers, even thought it is written up? Many! A common trait among PhD students and genuine researchers is perfectionism. And yes, the paper is our baby, produced after months and years of labour and heartaches. (Blood and sweat included too!)
6) Cheers and jeers! Similar to the commenting above, except that this is about friendship and emotional support.
7) It is free, If you use a free site like blogspot. And you can access it anywhere! No more excuse of not doing anything while you are taking the long break away from your books.
8) Almost ready made thesis in 3 years’ time. Yes, put these pieces together, edit them and you get the final product!
9) Have you heard of people leaving their blogs on a bench, or had water spilled on it?. Back up your blog entries. That is my only advice.
10) Save the environment. At times I felt that being not satisfied with a degree and pursuing a PhD had killed many trees. (it rhymes)

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