Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Adverts in a PhD blog- what they say about us

There seems to be another advantage of blogging.

You can monetize it. I am copying these little buttons from Google to my page.

Hope it works.Yeah ABDs tend to have their funds at the lowest level, and any extra cents of income generated somewhere would help.    

p/s : I took a good look at the types of advertisements generated. Interesting. They tell a lot about our life as a PhD student.
The types of adverts are (generally)
  1. Services offering to write your dissertation/proposal for you… hmmm $17/page.. that is an awful lot of money. I wonder if they are as good as they claim. If they are so good, why writing for others? Should have been in some academic/research/industry position- all of which are in credibly busy.

  2. Services to help you write something so that you get into a grad school!! I wonder what they are offering; to bad I cannot click these ads. But I should say if you need help to get in, you should probably check out service no 1) (the 17 bucks/page service)- you are gonna need help to get out.

  3. Financial help ..Geez….. PhD students= brokes

  4. Some anti-depression help.. PhD students easily depressed?? Why would they tag such a keyword to their product? We need them?

  5. Some blogging sites, offering free blogs.

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