Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fatigue attack.............

Have you ever had a "fatigue attack?"

I have been unwell the past few days. As yesterday was my day off, I went to the local bookstore with a large sofa to do some browsing. I thought sitting there was one of the most relaxing things to do, and keep me away from my computer-ie protecting the joints in my hands.

Usually, I could spend a day in libraries etc, as reading is probably what I love to do most.

But yesterday, 1-2 hours into reading something which I found hard to put down, I had to stop. I felt my hands could no longer hold the book open. My joints felt warm, and my whole body ached. I could feel my energy decreasing rapidly.

I quickly left the store, and tried to do the rest of my shopping quickly. A quick dash to the pharmacy, and the supermarket to get a few things I need. All the while, I felt my energy going down..........

I had called my hubby to pick me up, while I was doing my shopping to minimise my waiting time. I probably waited for him for about 10 minutes at the bus stop.

While waiting, after a minute or two, I found it difficult to stand, and so I leaned on something. In a few minutes, even leaning was no good, and so I had to force my bum to rest on the cold metal bum rests! My bums were frozen and the man at the bus stop looked at me like I was crazy to sit there, but I really did not have energy to stand! My legs were like jelly! By the time my hubby came and stopped the car 10 metres away from me, I struggled to get to the car. And then I struggled to walk up to my apartment.

Before I changed out of my clothes, I hit the bed, and feel asleep, until my hubby woke me up for dinner.

It still scares me now-the "energy crises" like these. Just glad that it is no longer a weekly or daily occurrence which drove me insane.

got to stop now cos my hands are getting really swollen. I have been naughty, I typed when I shouldnt.

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