Wednesday, February 21, 2007

sick leave

Sick leaves make you unpopular.

Do we have to prove that? Despite the fact that I replace my all my "sick leave"-made possible by the fact that I only work part-time, I can sense the unhappiness in my boss's reaction. Sigh.. but what do you do when you come down with a flu or a strep throat like everyone else?

The other guys may just brave it all and stay in the office-productive or not, but for me... these are enough to make me lie on my bed, with my RA and fibro joining the party.

That is a depressing development. A few months into a new job, and I thought I am doing pretty well, and now I can see the fact that I take sick leave nearly every month (even though I replace them), people still find a way to talk. I am compared to the person with a visibly broken finger- with plaster and stuff to fix it, but what I have is invisible. The sheer fatigue and widespread aches brought on my something as common as a viral infection. The IBS joining the party etc etc. Here I am, being talked about. Sigh. Despite effectively having 0 sick leave because I always replaced them, that was still not good enough.

I just wish that I get better soon.


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