Sunday, April 22, 2007

Conquering mountains?

It has always been my wish to conquer a mountain.

Last week I thought I could start small, by trekking a national park, and checking out a few waterfalls. Unfortunately, my hubby passed me his cold and i was so lethargic that the trip became a "driving holiday", with me sleeping in the car. I still have a long way from being fatigued to conquering mountains.

Being fibro means clumsiness is part of me. My life was at risk when I repeatedly slipped on my trek to the waterfalls, but I still persisted! I just wanted to do it! That was me, in the mind over matter mode.

Then perhaps the most primitive fight or flight instincts kicked in. I had the most beautiful and dramatic panic attack at the narrowest section of a cliff, and dramatically cling on to tree roots etc to crawl myself back to safely. My legs turned jelly.

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