Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spring time energy crisis.

Life seems to be getting back to near "normality"-i.e. I could juggle a few things at a time. I have been very busy at work, revising for an exam and enjoying the spring time activities!

However, I go get tired very easily. I sleep in the car journeys when we go out. I slept & snored(!!!) at the end of my yoga classes, and tries hard to keep awake beyond 11pm. Last week, I had to go for a deep tissue massage to ease the points which have been slowly developing as my body is finding it taxing to handle so much. The RA flared, and the tender points developed so quickly that it became really a pain!

I have taken a few days of study leave, but have been sleeping a lot.

All these reminds me to slow down. Life is getting back quite normal, but my energy level is still playing catch up.

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