Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I am fine...

Just a note to say,


It has been tough... but I am ok. I braved myself and pushed myself out of my bed to work.
Hanging on.

The goings gets tough.. so the tough cookie gets going.


excentric said...

Glad to hear you are fine. I was wondering. Yay you for getting up and getting going. It's harder when you don't have to be anyplace in particular. I am having about two good days a week lately, so getting up and going isn't all that appealing. I still try to have fun, though. Fun is good, and laughing always makes me feel better. I saw a license with numbers and three letters: wgf. I immediately thought, 'Wogoof, it's a dog with a speech impediment'. Yes, I entertain myself very well.

Woman said...

when the world wont entertain you
and your body isnt strong enough to go out and look for entertainment, the mind would have to entertain itself... like... making silly sentences such as what I did.

And yeah, I entertained myself in the train... if someone dressed in a funny manner, it is a good distraction for my aching feet. :)