Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Too hard to understand?

I survived 4 full weeks for full time work. Amazing?

Yup, I did it. Despite a bit of flare and bad stiffness in the mornings, I braved myself to work. It helps that the new place practice flexi hours, so you could go in anytime you want to before 10 am. No one bats an eye lid.

The spring is here, and I am eyeing some long weekends away- a host trip will really be good for me. It is some sort of reward for enduring the pain. Try standing 1/2 hour ankle swollen, toes screaming in a train- as your body sway when the train accelerates and decellerates, you feel your weight shifting between your legs. It is obvious- when it is painful.

But that got hubby all angry. Angry that I wanted a break, wanted a holidays, when i am just so new in my work, and have a bit of income. Can't I wait?

Wait? Until when? There will never be a good time. And dont tell me about "post-retirement". If my bone creaks and screams when I take take short holidays now, how do you want me to imagine myself glob trotting in my old age? And damn in, retirement is now 67? 69? It is no longer 55! I don't hve the luxury of leavin things into future.I am not sure what teh future holds. All I know is I want my life-now! Sorry for being selfish!

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