Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Exercise made 1/3 of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients feel worse..

Saw the report about exercises prescribed for CFS patients made 1/3 of them felt worse, and resulted in some of them to be bed bound for the next couple of days.

I certainly feel a lot worse after a "good work out". The kind of fatigue and soreness, the flares in my joints I experience is not just plain after excercise sort of tiredness. I make no mistake about that. The jury is still really out there about how much is too much and how much is enough. Until then, we just got to listen to out body and get up and do as much as we possibly could. Exercises and activities, is definitely a good thing, but the amount required is really depending on the individual. That stays, until some solid research have came out we good data.

At the same time, some researchers had worked out that people who complained of high "fatigue" has hemodynamic differences compared to those arent (when they looked into the blood flow and pressure)

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