Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A fogged moment!

It was just another day at work. My manager was going to go through with me how data could be analysed with a new software.

The alarm bells started to rang when I realised I had "blank" moments about what she said 5 seconds ago. Therefore, I tried to write down "notes", so that I could refer to it when I became blank again. I tried my best to listen, asked questions, get confirmation, and write down immediately, but there were still so many missing "gaps". It was horrible. I was so worried that I might be "found out". She must have thought that it was weird for me to write down every single instruction she gave!

The acid test happened when she asked me to give it a go-enter some data and tried a new analyses. Good grief!! So many mistakes. I could only joke about hypoglycaemia, low blood sugar and hoped that she would half believe it. When the session was over, I immediately declared lunch and hoped that the brain fog would go away!! Thankfully, I was much better after lunch.

That was a really narrow escape. I have some RA symptoms recently, swellings in the morning, and I guess the fog was part of the package. Wish me luck!!!!

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