Wednesday, June 18, 2008

14 days since the DIP started to swell..

It had been 14 days since my DIP on my ring finger started to swell. I remember really "noticing" it on Thursday, 5th June, when it became painful at work.I was probably there since Wednesday. As usual, before any "symptoms" started, I was drinking like a parched camel finding an Oasis. When I weight myself that day, I noticed I "put" on 2.5 kg in 2 days. Clothes seemed tighter, and shoes - i need to get my "big" shoes. (I keep shoes of a few sizes. Yes, RA is a perfect excuse to buy shoes).

It was a pain. I ran out of diclofenac. My rheumatologist refused to prescribe me new ones- she said "I did not need them"- that was what the nurse told me. Well, she is the doctor, therefore she was always right. My standby supply of ibuprofen ran out on Sat and I had to go and get it from teh supermarket!

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