Saturday, June 28, 2008

I am amazing

Yes I am. I am amazing. I have to remember that. This had been such a hectic week at work.

I pulled myself out of bed every morning, and took the pain on my swollen feet with a grimace. It really helped. It really helped that the workplace allow people to start work as late as 10 am.

I timed myself to get on a train which is empty and got myself a seat - to rest my feet before torturing it during the short walk. And as usual, God loved to have fun with me. So, he gave us a fire drill. I had to walk up and down 5 floors worth of stairs, trying to keep pace with my colleagues. Trying not to limp.

I typed until my fingers were so painful, that my words began to look jumbled up because the fingers were so tired, and and fatigued to respond properly.

And yes... i made mistakes. I was so tired that I made mistake. A colleague noticed it and not too pleased and made some comments which really hurt me. I almost felt that I lost this battle However, I could put myself in his shoe and think that is a fair comment. He did not know I had RA. He did not know how unwell I had been.

So, I deserve this post... to remind myself. I put in a lot just to do the usual normal things that adults do, and to let others know. It takes a lot for someone with RA to live normally, but we can live a life as full as we could if given just some small allowances to make adjustments.

Thank God it is friday, and I can now have a good rest to fight on next week.


Jill Watkins said...

You can get a note from your doctor excusing you from any fire drills. I did it- and they have to keep it quiet due to HIPAA laws.

caj said...

I think your amazing too. I'm recent to RA and find it hard to talk or let people know whats wrong or how much pain i'm in.
I got told on the Tube the other day to get up and give my seat to an old couple. I was really embarrased, cos in the past i was the first person to get up. If your collegue had known they wouldn't of said that. Stay Amazing. Take the day off! A X

Woman said...

Hi Jill and Caj,

Thank you very much for your kind words. Especially at this time... I am into the second month (?) of a continuous flare?

Hi Jill,
Thanks for the suggestion. I will keep that option in mind.