Thursday, July 17, 2008

Are you well?

This question goes to other fibro and RA bloggers, whose blogs I regularly read, whenever they stop blogging for a while.

I would wonder, are they well? What kept them away from blogging?

Felt better? Discovered more energy and therefore enjoying life?
Felt worse? And therefore desperate for energy, and sanity to blog?

I hope you all are well. I regularly read some of your blogs, and let me let you know that I think of you. Sarakastic mentioned that perhaps not many people read. Well, honestly, I don't expect many people read my blog. I only find time and energy to check others' perhaps once or twice a month? That is already "as much as I can". It all really depends on my energy level.

If you happen to be down.. rest a while my friend. But remember, get well soon and come back!

Yes, I am not feeling well. My RA have been flaring for a while, making me permanently tired. Now my fibro is in town too - keeping me in pain and awake.

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