Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fog, fog stay away

Just half an hour ago, I found myself analysing a scientific paper, and developing a structured argument and commentary about it.

It is so late at night, I am awfully tired after a long day, but still, my brain worked! I am a scientist. Yes, I am a scientist. This should be normal??

Yes, and No!

I had this sudden sense of "Hallelujah", "thank God", "Amitaba" "Insya Allah". Awww.. I just wished to say thank goodness/Thank God in all the manners available to the major religions on earth. That is how grateful I am.

I suddenly realised that although I have not been that well these few weeks, and fatigue is affecting my concentration, my brains are still still working! My fingers are swollen (enough to get my physiotherapist who saw me today really concerned and strongly suggested I get a proper occupational evaluation and told me my legal entitlements).

Compare my life now to the days when I faught fibro fogs daily- this is still heaven despite the pain and fatigue. Fibro fogs is the most difficult part of fibromyalgia! That is true, at least for me!

If you are some foggy brain stumbling onto my blog, do not ever give up. There is hope at the end of the tunnel. Or should I say, the sun will shine and drive the fogs away one day?

.. and ahem.. can it say it again? "I am amazing"!!

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Unknown said...

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