Monday, April 27, 2009

Wow, I am walking so much!

In my valiant attempt to loose weight and increase energy level, i decided to walk more. In fact, I walked a lot. Last week, I walked at least 25 km, and I am just counting those "long distance" walks I did, not those "usual activities" walk. On two days, I walked for 2 hours per day in the evening, covering 10 km each time.

My body is still holding up, but I suspect I was overdoing it a bit. I am so tired by the weekend. I had a nice long massage yesterday, to to get rid of some knots and tackle some of the trigger points which I noticed developing. Although I slept through the whole of today, I am still feeling really tired. This week, I will really have to reduce my walks and rest a lot. I am beginning to see some of the symptoms of my fibro. Aches and fatigue.

This whole episode reminded me of a recommendations for CFS/ME patients to do GETs and CBT and the protests from patients. Stop psychologising everything!!!

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