Thursday, December 14, 2006

Living with fibromyalgia-the documentary film

Living with Fibromyalgia

Has anyone seen this yet?? I am thinking of watching this film, but it cost $19.95 (USD) to order the DVD! It is a little to expensive for me, in this state. I have barely got my feet on the ground again, and still clearing all those debts.

Please think of a way to get your national TV to screen it, that is how the impact of this film will be maximised.

Watch this space.... I will try to find some info about how to pester stations haha. Now that I feel better, I will expand my energy on this!

18th Dec 2006

I have written to the UK fribromyalgia association, wondering whether they are planning to screen this film. Apparently, they have not heard of it, and dont think people in the UK will be interested because it came from the USA. Is that so??

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