Friday, December 08, 2006

No news is good news

I have not been blogging much.

Have been "busy", with alternative activities which do not involve using a computer. :) Reading books, and catching up with life again, now that my FMS and RA seems to be better. That PCOS which I have need some serious attention, and I have been doing some reading up about it.

I am pretty well most of the time these days. Just a few bouts of fatigue, and also a bit of fog in teh last two weeks. Found myself writing, or rather typing weird things again. Haha. I have no idea who these spellings could be all garbled up. I also used wrong, inappropriate words to describe things.

As all for follow the blog knows. I am in healthcare. Well, that is as much as I am comfortable to leak off. The healthcare world is really really small, and you will soon realised that everybody knows everybody. No, I am not joking. It is true.

Now that I am back at work, I see how health care professionals as a whole behave again. Sometimes I see sad things. Ok, it should be I often see sad things happening. Sigh..

Why am I saying this? Probably because I am reading The Constant Gardener. Finally, I find time and strength reading it. It is a heavy going book. Not for the faint hearted souls who have to work closely with the pharma boys.

... gtg. TO find my massage therapist. I am "well", but being a fms case, there is always a threat looming its head here and there of a relapse. I know I am near one, if I dont take care.


Unknown said...

I cannot believe some of the comments to your previous posts. As you say YES IT IS ALL IN THE F*****G MIND! It'as a permanent feature of your mind because it is always there in the background no matter what you are doing. My blog about living with Fibromyalgia might be worth a read - it is at

Woman said...

Yeah, that is why it is important to raise the awareness in these issues.

I am not that much of a feminist, but I got this feeling that all the illnesses that are more associated with women are because of our weak mind. And we are driven to depression partly because of this things.

Does anyone say that about penises that can't rise up to the occasion?

Woman said...

Please also go back to the original post, where I replied to the comments.