Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope that your joints and all behave themselves.

I have got a small flare going on. Have been getting bad sleep for a couple of weeks and I think this becomes part of the vicious cycle. I am now trying to rest as much as I could. Hopefully, I will have enough energy and all...

I have came a long way since 2 years ago. Boxing Day 2004.

Then, I was watching my health going downhill, and stuck with a job which I was terribly unhappy with. I probably worked/slept through it, only to get a shock on Boxing day about the Tsunami. The tsunami was very very NEAR me, not in physical sense, but emotionally.

I shall try my best to blog about it. I hope I make it this time. I tried to blog a piece for Darren's group blogging project, but was not up to it. Aching joints and all, I just tried to stay afloat with with work, and my life. I have been really really tired the whole week, and terribly tired now. I am just trying to hold up, and try not to sleep until night time, with the hope that I will get deeper better sleep, despite the joint discomfort and all.

Christmas is spent at home again this year. Far away from my family and friends. I would really like to email everyone to wish them merry Christmas.. the heart is willing...but the flesh...

Watch out for this space!

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