Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How frequently do I blog?


Someone left a comment, wondering why I do not blog EVERYDAY. This person is starting a blog about rheumatoid arthritis (cures!) and wonder why I don't blog everyday.

Hmmm... if you truly understand RA and FMS, you probably won't expect the patient to blog every single day? Only those who are very well controlled could probably do that!

I hardly have the energy to blog after a full day's work.

Keeping myself in a condition where I could just do what everyone is doing requires great efforts and discipline. Not to mention that i can only blog when hubby is not around me. That is another great effort. Today is a rare day he sleeps before me.

I have been feeling really tired after work each day. Had this "small" flare going on. So, I just have to focus on rest, and "functioning" for the time being.

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