Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Getting God to help in blood letting

I am back from a blood letting. I have “deep veins”, and I stressed the phlebotomist up. She was good though, she found it at first try. However, we needed quite a few bottles and my blood dripped too slowly. Before she got what is needed, the vein collapsed despite her best efforts and repeated pleas to God. She was saying “God, oh please God, please let us have enough, don’t do this to me”. I think God must be happy with me; I always get the phlebotomists praying.

Having no choice, she got to try the other hand. After sometime poking and prodding, and with my help of pointing out the location of a good vein, blood started to flow out. “Oh, thank God. Thank God. God, please, please, keep this going for us, please.”

This time God responded. We got enough to fill up another two bottles, esp the bigger bottle for the ESR.

I do feel like telling doctors to stop taking my autoimmune profile so frequently. It is always negative. I only had one positive for my RA factor so far, and it was a very weird experience. I saw the look of relief on my rheumatologist’s face, before turning to a more concerned and worried look. I suspected the reason for the “relief” he felt was similar to what I felt. At last, there is some evidence that it is not all in my head. Now that I have a new doctor, I think the journey will start all over again.

This time my husband stayed in the waiting area. I walked briskly to the waiting room. He did not offer to come along, and I did not ask him to come. I think he was traumatised by my other blood letting episodes.

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