Thursday, March 09, 2006

The last episode of Me?

Unreliable again. That is what I felt. The ups and downs of my condition makes me feel like my words are not worth even 1 cent. Again, I will submit my work LATE.

On the plus side, I congratulated myself for getting out of the latest episode within 10 days (my newest target). On the downside, my progress is once again disrupted. After these days of rest, I have to struggle to pick up on where I was left, and as usual laugh (and cry) at all the mistakes in whatever work I attempted to do when I was unwell.

Is this the concluding episode of me?

“….to everyone’s surprise, the most promising girl in class was not able to complete her PhD. No one really knew the reason, although there were rumours of her physical and mental health. Cynics pointed out she had always spent less time than her classmates studying and infamous for dozing off in class. Perhaps it is this type of laid back attitude (laziness) which made her unable to make the cut for the really rigorous work required for PhD studies. No one knows what she is doing now, and rumours claim that she can’t hold down any job. Her supporters pointed out that she has always been the determined type of person. Her past victories including taking exams despite not able to sit down after a back injury, and supported herself and her family through a host of part-time jobs and scholarships. May be this time she just can’t cope anymore.”

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