Monday, January 01, 2007

Why Bigger May Be Better

Epoch times published a nice article about weight:

"In the light of this and other existing evidence, the BMI is looking increasingly obsolete as a useful body measure. My guess, though, is that certain factions will continue to cling to and promote the BMI. Why? Because using the BMI, rather than the waist-to-hip ratio, will ensure that more people will be under the impression that they need to lose weight for the sake of their health. And that means good business for the diet, food, and pharmaceutical industries."

I must say I agree with this piece of article. Keeping our weight within a healthy range is definitely important, but the BMI is just so "passe". While there are so many factors which could contribute to your weight, it takes in to account your height only. That is it. Why are we then slaves of BMI? The reason is simple, BMI is easy to calculate, and easy to "sell"! There are many other ways to measure "healthy" weight, but those were too "complicated" to be massed produced for clinics, internet and the freebies which come with your diet packages.

So, binged during Christmas? Eat healthily in January then!

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