Friday, June 30, 2006

Alexander Technique lessons, what if you can't afford?

I think Alexander Technique has helped my fibromyalgia.
And I really hope others will get a go at it. However, lessons are so expensive, and you need quite a number of lessons before correcting yourself properly!

Is it possible to not go for lessons and learn from videos or books?
I think that would be tough, expecially for those muscles and positions that are really bad. I think it is helpful to have someone guide you.

But what if, like many of us,(me included) we are jobless and broke?
We got to start somewhere. Even if we go for lessons, probably we need to learn "fast", as we dont have that kind of money to go for 20 sessions or 40 sessions!

What would help the student to learn Alexander Technique??

I think reading the relevant books help. While arranging a stack of books in the charity shop I am volunteering, I came across and old copy of "The Alexander Principle " by Wilfred Barlow. (Amazon Link)

It has words, words and more words, but I still bought it.

Last few nights, I began to really read it, and started to link what I am taught during lessons and the principles behind it.

Wilfred Barlow is a medical doctor by training, (and from Oxford !!!), so don't expect glossy, "reader friendly" stuff. The approach to this book is a little clinical, ie dry. I could barely go through more than 10 pages at a go(that is for someone who gobble up whole novels at one sitting). It reminds me abit of my student days, mugging my anatomy and physiology books. But somehow, I went on reading it, because it the examples and information is so relevant!!!

The charts and diagrams in the book points out obviously the difference between correct use, and misuse of the body. I also like illustrations on the problems with diagrams of the relevant muscles, as it helps me to visualise acurately which muscle had gone wrong and pay attention to it.

I suggest people reading it before starting lessons, as you will learn more quickly that way. Lessons are not cheap if you need to pay. Or just read it to find out if we are really misusing or bodies. Get someone to take your photos and compare with what you see in the books. May be that is a cheaper way to get something off, before proceeding to lessons.

P/S: Try to get from your local library- My local library has a copy. Or check out Amazon. If you are buying from Amazon, please do consider clicking my link above, as I will get a 5% commission from it, which would help me pay the bills. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...


I studied music in university with a man who was studying to be a teacher of Alexander Technique. This of course, was before I got sick....but it did wonderful things for my guitar playing. I have often wondered if Alexander Technique would help me with Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia....keep up with it, I am really interested to know more.

I am so excited for you. Now I am going to look into seeing if its offered in my neighborhood.

Good Luck with it,

Woman said...

Hi Laura,

It has been more than 3 months since my last Alexander Technique lesson, and I am STILL much better!

The cramps on my thighs and calves are better. My rheumy was happy about it. :)

However, I got to pay more attention to my ankles now as I am losing range of motion due to the chronic inflammation. Got to keep up with Alexander technique at home.My AT teacher is an angel who offered me more FREE lessons as she was so happy for me, but I feel bad about it as it worked so well that I hope others get a chance to have a go! I had mine. I am now well enough to hold a part time job now!!And hope to get back to lessons as soon as I earn enough $$$.

Anonymous said...

that is wonderful news.
i know that Alexander Technique works I said, it did great things for my music.

I hear you about the chronic inflammation....i have had it pretty bad for about a year now...before then, this was never a problem. but in my ankles and wrists, its just looks like i no longer have ankles or wrists. I am working with an acupuncturist for those problems, and while it occasionally reoccurs....its much much better. let me know how this is going for you. congratulations on the part time job. HUGE NEWS!!!!

Woman said...

thanks. Hope that I could keep the job going.. as in fibro not coming back in full vengeance and spoil everything.

Do take care of your ankle and wrists.Good to hear that acupunture works for you. I have these problems as well, will spend about 1 hour to "defrost" myself every morning before getting up and going. Winter is here.. keep warm. Cheers!