Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Top tips for a good night's sleep

I watched a programme about ten tips to sleep well, and I thought it is a good one to note down. Many of these are stuff we already know, but it is still a useful checklist.
  1. Take a warm bath 1 hour before bed time. The key thing is the warm bath increase you core body temperature. When they body temperature drops back to normal, you relax and feel drowsy!
  2. Try squeezing and relaxing of muscle groups, starting from the feet, and pay attention to the buttocks! (This works!)
  3. If you cant sleep well, get out of the room, Only limit a certain number of hours in the room for sleeping. (This works, I know. )
  4. For snorers/partners who snore, some OTC remedies may work!
  5. Blue light from natural day light is responsible for reduction of melatonin which promotes restful sleep. So, get a good curtain for summer, and a blue light for winter!
  6. If travelling across time zones, fast on the plane. When landing, take the food according to local time. Ie,if you land in the morning, have breakfast. The fasting will apparently help the "food clock" to take over
  7. No coffee or tea at least 4 hours before bed time
  8. Lavender smell/tea and valerian tincture helps! 
  9. If you cant get enough of sleep, but can nap, the most efficient time to nap is between 2-5 pm, for half and hour. (This works too! Have been doing this all the time while i was a student)
  10. Food - carbohydrates send you to sleep. Carbohydrates encourage the uptake of tryptophan into the brain, which then turn into serotonin. It is the serotonin which makes you sleepy(and happy!) Protein does the opposite. So,protein for lunch and carbo for dinner! (Protein keeps you alert! My pharmacology lecturer gave us the tip of consuming a light protein meal before exams!)

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