Monday, July 17, 2006


I am invited for an informal discussion with a potential employee, even though I have not submitted my application. Does that mean I am head hunted?

Hahah.. Well, i think they don't know I am a fibromite.. yet. Wait till I tell them tomorrow.

Hmmm... My CV does look impressive, other than those "gaps".I am sure they will ask about these.

Now I realise I have a problem. Did i get the second or the third place in the oratorial competition? I think I misplaced my testimonial. I want to ask hubby, but he is asleep in another time zone!!!

The first place went to the teacher's pet, and native speaker of language. He was very good too, and have made a mark in the artistic circles. I often see him in newspapers. Losing to him was an honour. Now, between winnie and me, who got second place?

NO idea. totally fogged. ALmost forgot that the discussion is tomorrow.

Hmmm... that might be an interesting discussion. Imagine me being foggy???

Heck whatever. I already have a job in hand. This is more for future jobs.

It is morning, and that means I got to get up early. Fingers have been having a "swell time" in the past few weeks.

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