Sunday, July 16, 2006

Totally honest, yet Offered a job!!!

I am just offered a job.

It started with JOanne finding a job with a MNC, a very difficult to get position.
And then I thought, if Joanne could do it, so could I??? Joanne is younger and has a longer "list" than me, yet she managed, somehow. Wow. Maybe what the Chinese say is true, Heaven will not give man a deadend. Well, heck, just give it a try.

I had wanted to hide about my condition. But my experience tells me, no point doing so. If you get into a company who thinks that people like me are parasites, and wouldn't want to acknowledge my limitations and yet at the same time see my potential, I will go no where.

I need a boss, and a company who accepts me as I am, "lovely bone", foggy brains and all.

Yet, I was called up. They said they liked me!! Can you believe it?? They are willing to let me have a short contract for a try.

I liked my potential bosses too. My instinct told me that they are really really kind people, just like my thesis supervisor and my phd committee. With these people, I thrive.

Wish me luck. Please with me luck.

One up for fibromites.

And three cheers for people like my bosses. Heavens sent them to me, I believe.

But I should also let you know a little secret, seeking out these angels are hardwork. ANd I worked hard at it.

Things dont come easily for people like us. Just got to hang on, work hard, and if shit comes to you, think about that donkey!!

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