Friday, July 14, 2006

seeing friends, seeing flares

Having a chronic invisible diseases means that whenever someone has not seen you for a long time, they will tell you how good/bad you look, and ask you about THAT, what-is-it, RA or something that you have? Every meeting will start with a hello to the joints. Their well-being get asked about much more often than my husband.

Change of weather, and time zone means loss of sleep, ie flare city for me.

I am still adjusting, and a little to tired to type.

My mood is quite high though, i have a high chance of starting work in a job which is ideal for me.

What is the most important thing I did these last 7 days?

Educating a young, bring medical officer; my dear cousin. My cousin is one of those super-lucky people in the world. Identified as gifted since young, higher than average intelligence, born into a good, loving family, and pursuing her chosen profession. She is a young angel and I am just so proud of her.

HOwever, one thing worries me. Will she be able to emphatise with patients?

Her dad was a very popular doctor, and still is. what has changed is his style. More and more paternalistic as skill and confidence and reputation increase over the years. I am worried that my cousin would fall into the same trap.

So, I told her about my encounters with doctors. Some of them, she took some time to digest, and tried to defend her profession. ANyway, I just wanted to drill into her head about respecting patients, eventhough the patient is "isgnorant". The "ignorant" patients goes though the illness and the disease, and their experience deserve to be respected. As a doctor, you improve their life, what is important to them, and not what is important to you.

I am really drowsy now.
just hope that my message got through. Really hope that my cousin will be an angel of a doctor. She has a great heart. My only worry is she fails to understand patients. I just hope she would.

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