Thursday, July 20, 2006

a sign of needed confidence boost... taking an IQ test

I took an IQ test, and it says that I am a "facts curator". My IQ was supposed to be 138. Is that a lot or very little? They dont tell me which percentile of the population I belong to. So, does that mean I am smart or dum.

Other "facts curator" include Bill Gates. Hmmmm. But I supposed you have "facts curator" of different quality, dont you? Bill Gates is porbabaly a top class one.

Like a meticulous collector, you've fed your brain a unique set of facts and figures over the years and this makes you a Facts Curator. Whether or not you intend to absorb every piece of information that comes your way, your mind is a sponge for knowledge.

The words in your head could almost fill a dictionary, and you're equally adept at manipulating numbers and detecting important patterns in number sequence

Oh really??? Yeah, perhaps when I am not fogged.

Anyway, this is a new thing to do for FOG check, other than sudoku. GO and try for yourself- free IQ test!

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