Sunday, October 12, 2008

Obama for health care? This is what a rheumatoid arthritis patient thinks!

There are many analysis of the pro and cons of the Obama vs McCain healthcare plans, and there is no need for me to even bother to analyse them. Lots of analysis that is pro-Obama and pro McCain

But how about from the perspective of someone who had a chronic, recurrent illness?

How is it like for us?

McCain's plan is no good fo us -people with pre-existing illnesses! No good for people who have recurrent and remitting illnesses. For people like us,  holding down a job is not a permanent feature we can choose to have, it is a priviledge whenever our condition improves or in a remission!

Why do we need a healthcare plan in the first place? It is to provide a safety net when we fall ill. It is not for those times when pa and ma, are both bringing in a decent wage, and all the kids are happy and healthy. The situation now is when you really NEED health coverage, you are not qualified for it, or you cannot afford it anymore.
I almost fell in love with him when he said that health care is a right. I knew that he knows what he is talking about when the talked about his mum haggling over insurance bills and rights on her death bed, while fighting for her life. 

Mc Cain? Give a tax credit? USD5000? Shop your own plans? Giving you choice? Well, that is all great for the educated people with a decent earning. How about those people who are not working? How about those people who are not able to have a full time, permanent job? How about those who already have health problems? Where do you want us to go, Senator McCain? 

I know that by choosing Obama, we are offered a safety net. When ill, we know that we will not completely drop out of the system. We can focus on doing our best to lead a normal life. We want to be well and working. We need a system which allow people to get the health care needed in the most difficult times, and could get back on our feet as soon as possible. Working, leading a normal, purposeful life. 

Vote for Obama? You bet. Let no one drop behind. 

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