Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Back from back packing!

Yes, I survived the trip, and lived to tell the tale!!

RA patient back packing - woahhhh

Fibromite back packing - this is a small personal victory for me!

I managed to survive with only a 20L back packing for a 10 day trip. My bag weighted about 7 kg, on the days I did not wear my jeans and had damp clothing. Otherwise, it was less than that. Not bad right? Take into account that the places I visited ranged from 25C to 5C! I must tell you that I mastered the art of layering. The art of choosing what clothes to bring, and keeping warm and cozy with a minimal weight of luggage is worth a post itself!

Some days were quite challenging, to be honest. I noticed swellings after a few days of wurst. Red meat spells trouble for me, but at some places, the cheapest, most convenient food (not to mention "safe" ie hot and low chances of contamination!) available is simply wurst or hot dogs, sausages and their cousins. On other occasions, the local food is simply very porky or beefy! This proved to be difficult for me and I ended up eating lots of bread. 

My schedule was planned with discipline. You might argue that that it takes some fun out of backpacking, but I would argue that the challenge makes my trip more fun. 

Any problems? Yes! I had my period. Yucks. Lots of cramps. I felt faint at one point, and so tired that I noticed I fibrofog striked! I simply had to tell my sister that my mind had switched off and she had to read the maps! 

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