Sunday, October 12, 2008

Winter 2008 for a fibromite and RA patient

Winter is coming! 

I try my best to sound cheerful about this. In reality, I know that this is going to be a tough winter for most of us. Fuel poverty is going to be a problem for many. Keeping warm. Keeping warm in the face of electricity and gas bill increase. 

As for myself, I am faced with a 50% price hike. If it had cost me$100 per month in winter last year, it will be $150 this year. Factor in the increase in food prices and no increase in income, it will be a tough one. I know I am still fortunate. The economic crisis had hit my family, but one of us is still working now - me. I know this is a pretty unreliable source of income. I just need a bad flare, and that is it!

Ahhh, haven't you heard that opportunities come to those who are prepared for it? Let me rephrase it and say that "Full blown crisis will (hopefully) avoid the well prepared"?

I need to:
  1. secure my income! - ie dun get it flare!
  2. cut my expenses, or at least not let it soar.
  3. get extra income
I need to keep warm, rest enough, and yet not fall sick and have the energy to get extra income. 

Tough, but i have been through worst times! Just look at my 2005 postings!  No reason not to keep my chin up.

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