Saturday, February 23, 2008

God.. in times of despair?

Perhaps people turn to God in times of despair?

I have been thinking of God, and talking about God, and used the word God, both privately and to myself many times recently.

But which God I am refering to?


Anonymous said...

In times of despair, I turn to Jesus. He really does impart His peace into my soul and I sense His great love for me. Which God you turn to is a matter of personal preference, but for me, God's Son Jesus is real and so is the Word of God. It is of great comfort for me to know that I serve a living God, not a dead person who has gone to Nirvana, or a prophet who's legacy is to reek havoc and death on all who don't believe as he has taught. I find joy in serving a God Who was conceived of the Holy Spirit and Who took the form of a baby and grew up in the knowledge that He was destined to take our punishment for our sins, and thus opened the door for us to know Him in a personal way and to share eternity with Him. I prefer to live in the hope of my salvation and the joy that it brings rather than wallow in the fear of regimented religions of useless chants and worry beads and trying to earn my salvation. When I cannot face the day because of pain, I turn my face to Jesus and He gives me the strength to go on. My joy is always there no matter how bad the pain for to be loved by Jesus gives a confidence that casts out doubt and fear. My prayer is that you will turn to Jesus in your despair and let Him forgive you, heal you and restore you- and failing a complete healing- that you will live eternally in His Kingdom wherein there will be no tears or pain. The gospel is simple and it is people who complicate it...who will you turn to in your despair? I pray it will be Jesus, my Friend!

Praying for you, dear,


Woman said...

Thanks Glenys, thanks for your kind comments and praying for me.

I think faith is important, and it really keeps us going when we face high walls and hard knocks every single way we turn.

I am a lucky girl to have people from diffrent religions keeping me in their prayers:) Just that thought is enough to keep me happy and strong. One day, I might "have a religion" too.Not sure what it will be, but I am sure it will be something which comes naturally to me.