Monday, February 11, 2008

Lack of confidence

At job my interview last week, I was able to "psych" myself up. I was feeling really sick, worried about my joints etc, but I was able to "psych" myself up to be positive and upbeat, between coughs and deafening sneezes. I hardly had good sleep because I was sick, but I went in to the interview feeling that I had a chance and have to fight for it. I did not get the job offer, but I knew I put in my best and have nothing to regret.

Yet today, I am not even putting in my best to prepare for the next job interview tomorrow. Sigh. I have been feeling really tired and warm and in pain since my RA flared up again last week. I tried to lose weight so that I would look more decent at the interview. Instead, I triggered a flare. And more than a week "resting" makes me look more flabby than ever. As usual, another 1 kg of weight gain due to lack of activity.

Despite all the difficult things that have happened recently, I have been trying so hard to maintain an up beat mood. I have not been complaining about how horrible I feel, and what severe blow that is to my confidence. Here I am applying for jobs that require you to be "dynamic" and able to meet "tight deadlines", and here I am, hardly able to get out of bed before 10 am. Here I am tired, by 10 pm. Here I am trying to attend interviews, and trying to make myself look the best I could, despite another kg of flab.

But I guess the "balloon" was really deflated by people around me. Totally able bodied people telling me they cannot do this and cannot that. Totally able bodied, intelligent young people telling they have no hope of doing a long list of things. They have been telling me that they have achieved nothing, and can't achieve anything. Things are too difficult. And they regret A-Z. Life is hopeless.

Frankly, I am sick being the cheerleader. I just want to ask them to scram.

Can't they have some mercy on me? Can't they show me some mercy? Why do they need to behave this way now? Why?When I look at them, I told them"if you have no hope, what do I have??" Or perhaps they wanted to compliment me? They wanted to tell me I actually did many of their so called "the impossibles", while I was sick, tired, in pain and sometimes foggy? Life have not been fair to them? Tell me about it.

I am being totally fed up with all the men around me. Damn it. If they can't distinguish between "can't do it" and "won't do it", get out of my way. And let me use the little energy I have to prepare and do my best for tomorrow's interview. I know I am not in a state where I could do well enough to succeed. Ill prepared and all, but I just want to do my best, no matter how "hopeless" it is. So, stop telling me why the things they do are "hopeless". Stop telling me things which make me feel my efforts are even "more hopeless" than yours. Stop telling me that you can't do a good job because you don't LOVE what you do, and although you do not HATE it, you do not ENJOY it very much. I can tell you that I do not ENJOY going to work. I don't ENJOY getting out of bed early in the morning, sore all over the place, and get into that ICY car, or walk 1/2 mile in my swollen feet to the nearest station. I don't ENJOY walking when my feet are swollen, I don't ENJOY driving with painful ankles. I don't ENJOY spending 10 hours a day typing- that makes my fingers and wrist really painful-my neck and shoulders sore and painful even to light touches (that is the fibromyalgia component, FYI.). I don't ENJOY staring at the screen for a long time, cos my eyes are really dry (That is Sjogren's syndrome), I don't ENJOY long presentations too. If I am the speaker, my dry mouth becomes really uncomfortable, and people wonder why I sip water so much (if water is available). As the listener, I would squirm in my seat, because my joints would "frozen" or let out some cracking sounds. And I also don't ENJOY doing the housework, not when I am already dead tired and in pain after a long day at work.

And yet despite all the shit which is showered on to me, I am just like the little donkey. I shake my head, sigh, take a step and move on. Perhaps that is why I am surviving. I am just a little foggy brained donkey now, unlike all these intelligent people around me. They have a lot more brain cells and energy to complain than I do.

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