Friday, February 08, 2008

To tell or not to tell

Perhaps it is a consolation that every CV I sent out returned an interview.

However, ,I flopped at the spot where I had to account for the "gap". More than 1.5 years away from the workforce. Young professional. How do I account for that? I am bad at telling lies, but if I tell the truth... well. I have had enough of prejudice.

TO tell or not to tell?


excentric said...

That's a tough one. Maybe you could just say you were taking a sabbatical. On the other hand, if you tell the truth, you might find an employer who is willing to make accommodations for you. Good luck with whichever choice you make. Jean

Woman said...

That is a really difficult one.

I have experienced being truthful, and could not believe my luck about finding an "understanding employer". However, I found that sometimes people's "understanding" or empathy do not last forever. When things went wrong, the fingers pointed to my health, even when it was not the main issue.

I still dont know. Thanks for your good wishes, Jean.