Friday, April 07, 2006

Down time… again.

If I were a computer system, I would be considered terrible unreliable, cursed by all who use.

Since yesterday, I am down, again. Perhaps I am paying back for my over enthusiasm, for working on a Sunday. Or is it because I went for a trip last weekend, and did not recharge properly as a result? Is it the beef? That little piece of minced beef in the half-priced lasagne which was on offer on Saturday?

Whatever it is, I am trying to pin-point a reason, looking for a fault. (I have to, because people will ask me WHY I am triggered this time, better have some reason handy..) I even suspect that it was my husband’s terrible snoring and restless legs, which kept waking me up in the past few days. I really suspect that he has restless leg syndrome. Restless leg syndrome is no joke. It had been reported to be associated with sleep apnoea, fibromyalgia or even chronic fatigue syndrome. I won’t be surprised if it is the “next big thing”, in fact, as there are pharmaceutical companies who are actively testing a “cure”.

Hmmm... I am in a sarcastic mood. Suddenly feel like writing about this restless leg syndrome (RLS) thing, or rather the story of the “discovery” of the drug for it. I suspect that in the next two years, you will hear more about it than fibromyalgia (shhhh….insider news say that they are v.v.close to something for RLS), unless they found that pregabalin would work for the “neuropathic pain” (what makes these intelligent people think that it is neuropathic??!!!) of fibromyalgia as well. Hmmm….

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