Friday, April 14, 2006

YOU got think your way out to wealth again!

I used to view my own humble background with a little bit of self-pride, and never ever saw it as a stumbling block. I have grown up thinking that as poor as you are, you can still live with dignity, your hard work with be eventually rewarded. How naïve I was. That might be still true in many parts of the world, particularly in the academia, and when you are still a student. But if you are working in a competitive industry, you are in for trouble by exposing your weaknesses.

There are good bosses and bad bosses, good colleagues and also those that must have originated from hell. Expose your financial burden and weaknesses, and soon you will find yourself landing those tasks that nobody wants to do. You are chosen because simply, they don’t think you can afford to walk out of the door. Your study loans, mortgage etc etc ties you down.  They know that you will be able to take more before calling it quits.

You can say you are poor (but please do in a joking manner), but never say your family is poor. They are seen as your potential supporters! What will they do to a soldier in a battle ground when they know that the general and the battalion is weak? You will not be shown any mercy. And instead of spending time checking the internet to compare prices and see how you can save some pennies; check recruitment agencies, training and business opportunities and things related to your work instead.

The sooner you climb your career ladder, the better off you will be! Those pennies that you save can easily be made in less than hour in your new job or business.  

And on the day you submit your thesis, remember; stop thinking how you can save the pennies, and think how you can make more money! Focus on the big issues!

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