Friday, April 28, 2006

A sad thought about fibromyalgia

It is sad, isn’t it? All the weapon that is available against fibromyalgia is just that amitriptyline? Does it work? I don’t know. I think it is mode of action is just to knock you out. This “treatment” probably originated from the days that people like us are referred to psychiatric units.

Now they try to have pregabalin indicated for fibromyalgia as well. But does it work? Will it work at all? Instead of trying to really fund research to understand the pathology- they hows and whys these conditions CFS, ME, fibromyalgia occurs, drug companies would rather fund trials to proof their drugs (which had been developed for other conditions, but they found that these drugs did not work as well as they hoped for the conditions they were designed for) “happen” to work real for fibromyalgia etc.

Doctors are guilty, very guilty in fact. Where do you think the 11 out of 18 tender spots come from? It was just a screening criteria for fibromyalgia trials, because they did not know who should be considered as having fibromyalgia which is severe enough to warrant getting enrolled into trials.

Pathetic, isn’t it? No disrespect to the guys who can’t get up in bed, but what is the world becoming when these guys get more attention and research $$ to treat them than people who can’t even get up from bed?

The reason in the difference is plain simple. Guys who can’t get up in bed earns $$, and could pay to get it up. People who can’t get up from bed, can’t work, and don’t even have enough energy to protest.

I know that all these sounds terribly bleak, but I am nursing a depression, remember? I know that my main reason for this current episode is my inability to work hard, hard enough to complete my thesis soon. The only thing that I can do now is no matter how tired I am; I do a little bit, so that at the end of the day, I can tell myself that I have been moving, although it is just snail pace.

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