Friday, April 21, 2006

Paying for someone to write your thesis. Would you do it???

My well connected friends are telling that he gets “offers” from some rich undergraduates, offering to pay him $$$ to write-up their assignments.

I am disgusted, really, really disgusted. Some rich students never hand in any single assignment which is their own blood and sweat from day one. The only stuff they write is probably cheques! And these brats go to good schools, and thought of doing post-grads!!! That is an insult to post-graduate education!

Well, perhaps there is some truth in what they say. These rich brats do not need to learn to write, they just need to know how to read. After all, when they graduate, they have millions or even billion worth of business to inherit. All they need to do is read reports submitted by subordinates, and decide whether to approve it or not.

The don’t need to be bothered with writing reports, assignments. And when they do higher degree, they probably will not write their own thesis as well. This thesis writing stuff is fast becoming an industry. Is this the end of real academic education?

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