Sunday, April 16, 2006

Tuina for my fibromyalgia

I hope that I am doing the right thing for my fibromyalgia or chronic myofascial pain, whatever it is. Next week, I hope to find some $$ for a good old deep tissue massage, Chinese style- Tuina. I believe in Tuina more than any other forms, as Tuina work on exactly the same points that are sore for fibromyalgia. Who knows, the Chinese might already know about all  these tender points, which corresponds with the acupoints in Chinese medicine. Tuina sessions can be painful, but it works fine!
My only complain about Tuina is the difficulty of finding a good, properly qualified practioners. As Tuina works on acupoints, I want someone who has a good understanding in the Chinese system of acupoints, and work towards balancing the system. The so called acupressure practitioners trained in many western countries, only know very little about these, having attending a few weeks of courses and so on. I am lucky to get one that was trained as a TCM doctor in China, and specialise in Tuina now. It is Expensive, as much as my one weeks’s grocery bill for a 45 minute session, but it is the kind of money that I would part with.
If I get to go next week, I hope that the Tuina therapist would find less tender spots during the massage. To me, that is a great indicator of my progress in fibromyalgia.
Between amitryptiline and Tuina to treat fibromyalgia, Tuina wins hands down!

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