Friday, April 28, 2006

Badly needing a good Tui Na massage

I woke up at dawn, and probably because of tiredness, managed to lie down and drifted in and out of sleep. On Tuesday afternoon, I was still sore and tired. I called my clinic where my therapist worked. I was badly disappointed. She had been transferred to another branch! It took me months to find a decent Tui Na massage therapist, and now she is transferred away. I did not took up the offer for other therapists.

Out of my desperation, I decided to try another clinic. The doctor said, she herself performs the Tui Na massage. Hmm I though that is a safe option, as that cant go wrong. However, I had my reservations as these doctors will usually prefer to give acupuncture or herbal prescriptions- the reason is simple. You can perform acupuncture in 2-3 patients in half an hour, and you don’t sweat a bit. But for Tui Na, real Tui Na, you literally push and pull the patient. The good Tui Na therapists I know usually have really strong arm muscles, and work out a sweat!

I was really sceptical about whether she would be good, but tried anyway. Only got an appointment for Wednesday. Terrible. Got to wait another day.

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