Friday, April 07, 2006

Not having fibro? Hmm......I thought of Viagra...

When I was newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I had an interesting conversation. But considering that I am so broke now [i.e. I don’t have $$ to hire lawyer if sued], maybe I imagined it all.

Someone: I think you should join the trial.

Me: Me? Why? No thanks. I don’t think it would work for me. I don’t have that kind of pain.

Someone: [A little irritated]. You have pain all over the place right? It is supposed to work. The preliminary results suggest that it works very well for fibro, you know?

Me: [“Very well?” Oh, come on, I read those…] Well, maybe it works for other people. I know the difference between these two types of pains, and I read up on the mechanism of action of X, and some other reports. Don’t think it is for me, thanks anyway.

Someone: [Getting irritated] It should work if you REALLY have fibro. If it does not work, then you do not have fibromyalgia. Maybe you are just stressed-up.

Me: Oh? Really? [^*&+@%*^&!!!!! If Cialis or Viagra does not work for you, congratulations! You might be just stressed-up, and have no impotence. Just loosen-up, and it will STAND-UP!]

Errr… I am not a dirty-minded or foul mouthed kind of person, but the conversation with that person (and the settings at that time) really made me thought of these things that, luckily I did not say aloud. Or maybe, I should have given that fella a piece of my mind.

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