Friday, January 12, 2007

"New Concept Teaches Fibromyalgia Sufferers How to Free Themselves From Symptoms and Suffering" ???

Found this in my usual "google news" with fibromyalgia as the keyword.

When you see such a title on Google news, it sounds like really good "news". I almost jumped with joy!! Your heart rate increases would increase, and you would quickly click the link, and curse why your laptop is so slowwww in bringing the page to you...

Here it goes....
" introducing its new and innovative program of ridding fibromyalgia symptoms naturally, designed for the fibromyalgia sufferer. Now anyone can be free from the devastating symptoms of fibromyalgia."

Skeptic alert #1
"anyone"??? WOW!!!!
"Now fibromyalgia sufferers can learn how to quickly rid themselves of unnecessary pain and fatigue through xxxx's new program."
Skeptic alert #2
"quickly"??? And I have been suffering "unnecessarily!!"
".......suffered from fibromyalgia symptoms and other autoimmune disease. She went from doctor to doctor, even the Mayo Clinic, for 9 years. She has researched the condition for countless hours, through medical journals, doctors, internet resources, medical libraries and more. Program X is the culmination of these findings. Their comprehensive system has helped countless sufferers of fibromyalgia. Come out and improve life ........"

Skeptic alert #3
"countless sufferers"??

So, a skeptical me went to the website to check out the program, and guess what, this it what it told me: (!!!)

"In case you are skeptical (I respect that), let me tell you what our
Heal Your Body SYSTEM is NOT:

As you can see, I can show you many success stories of people who have beaten Fibromyalgia and it’s devastating symptoms.

But just in case you've been "fooled" or "taken” before with cure alls, Let me tell you what our SYSTEM is NOT:

  • It is not---a pill to cure all
  • It is not---a quick do nothing on your part cure
  • It is not---a ploy to sell you on multiple no good cures
  • It is not---some scam preying on your health concerns

In fact, using my system, many have helped themselves beat this terrible condition.

... Best of all, we've proven again and again that ANYONE can start to feel better using the “Heal Your Body” system."

Wow! They read my mind!!!
And because they read my mind and knew I would still be "sceptical",
they told me this (format as in their website):


"Incredible SUCCESS - People like

YOU have literally wiped out their

Fibromyalgia Pain

--Completely Eliminated headaches,

backaches, myofascial pain, muscle

aches and fatigue"

Ok... that sounds really good!!
I got to say it sounds good. I must learn this new concept!!!

And so I scrolled down the page.. scrolling and scrolling... and read more about the benefits.
Then I saw a BIG " ORDER NOW"... I got to pay $27 for it.

Gosh. I felt betrayed! She struggled for 9 years, so she must know how much trouble I have. And I got to pay for her advise?? Alright, I know nothing is free. I have no $$ to pay for it now. So do I continue to suffer... and errr "unnecessarily".

Seems like that is the way to go. I will suffer "unnecessarily"- it is all my fault- because of my inability (or unwillingness??) to pay another $27 for advice. For the lack of $27 USD , my pain continues.

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